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Raquel Sandoval Stylist

Raquel Sandoval

Raquel has been with PS Hair Studio since just after it’s opening. Throughout her years at the studio she has learned techniques including custom consultations, classic cuts as well as contemporary cuts and styles.

Clients say she is very nice, helpful and always listens. Raquel is great at explaining what she is doing and why. She has also had some amazing opportunities since working as a PS Hair stylist.

“Some of the most fun experiences I have had were taking master classes with Ann Bray who did hair for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and a few other celebrity stylists,” says Raquel.

Raquel enjoys learning every day and working with new clients. Taking many master classes and attending hair shows as often as possible helps PS Hair studio stylists stay up to date and innovative. Raquel would love to help you find the best cut, color and style so you can always look your best.

Life Has Many Dimensions. Why shouldn’t your hair?