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PS Hair Studio Creates Look for Oon Band’s Leading Lady

By Kristina Silla


Recently Rhonda Hicks from Dragonfly Productions contacted PS Hair Studio to create a cohesive look for Ariane Cap’s upcoming album cover. Cap is a European bassist who has been living and working in the Bay Area. She is currently awaiting the release of her album Polaris by Oon Band, her current collaboration with bassoonist, Paul Hanson. Polaris will be available December 1st.

Paula really wanted to design a look that captured the sound of Cap’s music as well as her personality and everyday look. “Hair is one of the first identifiers of what you want people to think of you,” says Paula Schwartz, PS Hair Studio Owner and Master Stylist. “Hair can describe your feelings and the way you look can make you feel either young, old, sassy or frumpy. We wanted to create a concept that made Ariane look and feel great.”


“The ultimate goal is to always create a hairstyle that reflects the person best self,” says Schwartz. “I think Raquel did a beautiful job at executing the style and feel that we were going for with this look.” Paula achieved this design by speaking with Dragonfly Productions to get an understanding of the concept for Oon Band’s photo shoot and music. She also looked at Cap’s previous looks and listened to her music to understand better, who Cap is and what look should go with her sound.

Raquel has styled for previous album covers and does a great job explaining to the client exactly what she is doing and why. “Raquel gave me some great tips for doing my hair everyday too,” says Cap. “I really liked the look that PS Hair Studio came up with, I think they really understood the look I was going for.”


Life Has Many Dimensions. Why shouldn’t your hair?